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Global Portfolio

Global Portfolio

The Global Portfolio, with total assets at end-2020 of €5.4bn, accounted for 63% of invested assets of the overall Discretionary Portfolio at December 2020.

The main objective of the Global Portfolio is to ensure that cash is available to fund existing and future Irish investment commitments and investments as they materialise. These include Priority Themed investments and PSRF investments, as well as other directed or expected withdrawals, such as those to provide funding for other State entities such as Home Building Finance Ireland (HBFI) and the Land Development Agency (LDA), and to earn an appropriate risk adjusted return that will assist ISIF’s performance with a low risk appetite in the intervening period.

By design, the Global Portfolio takes a relatively low-risk multi-asset class and multi-strategy investment approach, investing across cash, fixed income, credit, equities, multistrategy solutions and absolute return mandates through top tier external global asset managers.

Global Portfolio Managers at end 2020

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